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This rose quartz is one of my favorites and if you notice, it’s shaped a bit like a heart.

We are currently exploring the path of the Goddess in both my yoga classes and in the “Awaken Your Most Magickal Self” course, through Venus.

She invites us to explore our senses and sensuality to become fully present and be in joy. The goddess shows up in many forms, but her signature expression through us, is ecstasy and bliss.

There is a fine line in walking the Goddess path, that we don’t become distracted and corrupted by the external. Thus it requires from us a vigor in our discipline to stay on path for our awakening.

The Goddess path, which is enmeshed in Tantra and aspects of magick, is often considered the poison path. Without the discipline, poison is poison and can corrupt. But with correct dosages and a focused mind & heart, we can use this beautiful sensual world to become radiantly alive, alert, present and in love with life.

It’s a delicate dance and marriage between pure consciousness and bliss which is the meaning of Chitananda... that requires us to un-numb ourselves and to awaken to ALL of life.

If you want to dig deeper, I am here to help.

Big love! ❤️❤️
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the strange and divine ways of the universe continue to baffle me.
life can be so weird sometimes. i see patterns absolutely everywhere. coincidences that are uncanny and inexplicable seem to occur quite often in my life. i’m talking blow your mind, bat shit, totally fucking nuts coincidences.
this wasn’t always the case, but it seems that the more i pay attention, the more these synchronicities and oddities occur. i often wonder if the explanation for these experiences is trying to wake me up to the fact that this is not our only plane of existence, but rather one of many, perhaps even an infinite amount, and this current form of conscious existence that we identify our daily lives with is simply just one. have i lost you? think about it like television for instance. even though we are tuned into one channel, there are programs happening simultaneously on all of the other channels. but in the case of our existence, we are unaware of what television is and we do not have a remote or even the understanding of what a remote is in order to change the channel.
the older i get and the more i experience these strange occurrences, the more i tend to believe this is what’s up. this is the way of the universe. i wonder why we are only allowed to be tuned into one channel. i wonder what the remote is. i wonder if humans will ever be able to access the remote. i wonder what ellie on the other planes of existence is doing. how she’s feeling. what choices she’s made. these are the thoughts that keep me up at 4 am 🤣
but seriously...have you ever *really* thought about this stuff? i don’t think i’ll ever get the answers to some of these questions, but something i can do with all of this is always ask myself what i think it means. when crazy coincidences occur, when numbers repeat, when i draw the same tarot card three times in a row, when i think of someone and they call two minutes later...i can always sit with it and meditate on it and ask myself what i think it means. because, after all, the lesson or nugget of info that we need to extract is buried in our own consciousness.
cont. in comments below ⬇️

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¡TESTIMONIO! Curso de Tantra N1 🧘🏽‍♀️ 🇨🇭 🇵🇪 - ¿Recomendaría el curso? "Si, totalmente. Recomendaría el curso para toda persona deseosa de desconstruir estos mitos y falsas verdades que nos rodean sobre el tema del tantra y que quiere empezar este hermoso camino en consciencia. ¡Gracias! Lamento no poder apuntarme para el nivel II". - Florence (Suiza). Esc. Círculos de Conciencia.

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"In the Tantric system, each human being has two aspects, referred to as “Shiva” and “Shakti” — the divine expressions present in each human.⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Shiva, the masculine aspect, is the part of each of us that gets things done. Shiva is the principle of linear doing, striving, planning, and grid like focus, the part of us that organizes and creates order out of chaos.⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Shakti, the feminine aspect, is the undulating, pulsating force that is nature itself, the part of us that is creative chaos.⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
One of these aspects without the other is useless. Both need to be present at all times for any human being to function. In both men and women, these two aspects are equally present. Where it becomes interesting is when we look at partnership, either within ourselves, as in integrating and balancing those two aspects, or in romantic relationship."⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
* Read More: #thewildwomanswaybook Chapter 3: Women and the Feminine. Available as hardcover, kindle and audiobook⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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"life is diffucult and a lot of times, hurtful. one's focus has a lot to do with that-you can't make people see how beautiful this trail is if all they choose to see is how difficult it would be for them to hike uphill to see the view." #breather #tantra #tantrika #mantra #chakra #life #thepowerofquiet #empathy101 #readiness #therapy #equanimity #yellow #today #december2019

Yesterday there was a tree
Today there is space.
Resting in that space
Is calm

Union, oil painting on canvas, is complete & ready for printing!! ❤️ In celebration, I’m having a sail on all of my prints, archival paper and limited edition canvas. Twenty five p3r c3nt off everything!’ I’ll drop the lynk in my bio.

Type in ‘union’ for this deal-io.

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For my Tantra lovers. This is a great book to check out. It gives new perspectives, additional info on different things including if sexual trauma surfaces. It has great visuals on positions and talks about the negative and positive body parts on both masculines and feminine’s as both are different and how to circulate the energies. Talks about how to have Tantric sex. Also, how Tantra is all about respect and honor for both parties. So much more info that is very helpful. This book mostly has a couple male/female. But if you are looking for same sex or group Tantra, Urban Tantra has that. Although, this book can still add some freshness to your love making. 🌸💗😊🙏🏻🔥 #Tantra #bookporn #reader #divinefeminine #love #books #learn #knowledge #growth #wisdom #spiritual

Die Notwendigkeit meines Herzens, zu lieben und geliebt zu werden, ist eine Wunde.

Selbst die vollkommenste Verwirklichung der Liebe ist eine Wunde, die niemals heilt. Mein Herz muss nicht geheilt werden und nicht immun werden. Um derart immun oder geheilt zu werden, müsste ich immun werden gegen die Liebe selbst. Darum sage ich es mit spirituellem Selbstbewusstsein: „Ich bin ein gebrochener Mann.“ Gerade mein ehrenvolles Annehmen des Gebrochenseins verleiht mir Würde – und diese ist unantastbar.
Und darum gilt mir dieses Gebot: Ich soll mein Trauma nicht überwinden, ich soll es entspannt, liebevoll und in anstrengunsloser Selbstverantwortung annehmen.
Ich soll damit in Ruhe sein. Mein inneres Kind hat für immer seine Heimat in Gottes Herz.
Ich übernehme Verantwortung für etwas in mir, was verletzt wurde in einer Zeit, in der ich keine Verantwortung dafür übernehmen konnte.
Diese Art der allumfassenden Verantwortung - wir nennen es „radical Ownership“ - für alles zu übernehmen, was uns im Leben je passiert ist, immer noch passiert und je passieren wird, bezieht sich nicht nur auf uns als Passive, als Opfer.
Es bezieht sich auch auf uns als Aktive, als Täter.
Auch hier übernehmen wir „radical Ownership“ für alles, was wir getan haben, gerade tun und jemals tun werden. Wir anerkennen (ein Merkmal der christlichen Mystik) unsere „Erbsünde“. So wie wir von anderen traumatisiert werden, traumatisieren, verletzen und zerstören wir beständig zahllose Wesen um uns herum. Wir wissen nicht, was wir tun.

In der liebevollen Berührung mit mir und unserer Sacred Human Gemeinschaft kannst Du Dich fallen lassen und Deine Wunde erspüren und einfach nehmen wie sie ist - und damit im Frieden mit Gott sein.
Du darfst lernen, durch Deinen tiefsten Schmerz zu gehen, um Deine höchste Befreiung zu erfahre - sie erwartet Dich bereits! Denn es steht nicht geschrieben: „Lass Dein Kreuz liegen und verdrück Dich“. Es steht geschrieben: „Nimm Dein KREUZ auf ... und GEH!“

A Fênix te escolheu 🔥❤ Ela tem feito vários voos através da sua alma. Você tem morrido e renascido várias vezes sob a ação dos elementos. Você tem voado, voado em busca de si mesmo e do seu propósito. E agora, você está encontrando. Você está se transformado em quem você verdadeiramente é.
E você merece entender o que fazer com as suas descobertas. Entender como lidar com os desafios, mudanças, com os surtos. Como lidar com as dúvidas e com a fé nesse novo ser. Como sustentar o seu Novo Eu. Como lidar com o poder, com as emoções, com a Verdade que emerge sem limitações. Como realizar a sua Missão de Alma durante a Transição Planetária e cumprir o seu Divino Propósito.

Enquanto isso, a Fênix se prepara para realizar um novo voo rasante em sua direção e te levar a um novo estado do Despertamento.

Como você, muitos Buscadores têm sido tocados pela ação alquímica da Fênix.

E agora será o momento deles se conectarem e ativarem essa Medicina novamente, reunidos.

Siga #retirodafenix nas redes sociais para acompanhar as novidades!

Instagram: @aldeiaestrelaazuldooriente
Facebook: Aldeia Estrela Azul do Oriente
Whatsapp: (11) 94295-1303

Fênix: A ilustração pertence ao projeto @ContosDasPedrasAlma

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#tbt》 “Se você tinha que ser um dançarino, a vida virá por aquela porta, porque ela pensa que você é um dançarino. Ela bate na porta, mas você não está lá; você é um bancário. E como a vida vai saber que você se tornou um bancário? Deus vem a você da maneira que ele quer que você seja; ele conhece apenas aquele endereço. Mas você nunca é encontrado lá, você está sempre em algum outro lugar, escondendo-se atrás da máscara de alguém que não é você, com os trajes de alguém que não é você e usando o nome de alguém que não é você. Como você espera que Deus possa encontrá-lo? Ele segue procurando por você. Ele sabe o seu nome, mas você abandonou aquele nome. Ele conhece o seu endereço, mas você nunca morou lá. Você permitiu que o mundo desviasse você”.
Foto: @gabriel_santos_fotografo
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Do you have regular gratitude practice? Gratitude practice have been proven to make us happier in the relationship with ourselves, and also with others. We encourage you to dedicate a few minutes every night, writing down a few things that you are grateful for in your life🙏✨
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Traditional Japanese bento in the suburbs
Torizen is a very intimate but bustling Japanese restaurant here in Schaumburg that serves customers authentic and unique Japanese cuisine so I always try and enjoy their lunch for the bento specials
I try different dishes each time now so today it's chicken katsu bento

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Какая польза от практики медитаций?

Медитация может показаться эгоистичным занятием, направленным только на личные ощущения.

Кто-то может думать, что в жизни есть более важные задачи.

Но вот ответ: всё, что происходит у нас во внешнем мире, становится следствием того, что уже произошло во внутреннем мире каждого из нас.

Внешняя реальность отражает внутреннюю реальность.

Тантрические мистики, понимающие этот закон жизни, особенно отмечали, как благоприятно посредством медитации привнести осознанность в свою реальность.

My latest interview with @adamnicholsonnyc #tantra #gay #men #tantrasex #pain #struggle #lgbtq Link in my bio or here: http://bit.ly/38cyfwi

TBT to another iteration of myself when I was learning and teaching yoga and meditation in Thailand with @trikamahasiddhayoga

Lots has changed! ⁠

Back then, I was still breastfeeding my toddler, waking up every night, and I was emotionally and physically depleted. ⁠

I was working my Ayurveda to get back into balance, living in one of the most gorgeous places I've ever been in rural Thailand, and trying to figure out who I was as a mother and as a woman. ⁠

Turns out, I'm no one! What a relief!⁠

So much gratitude to my teachers for kicking my ass and helping me find my voice in the midst of all that windy vata energy. Sometimes tough love is what it takes. ⁠

#toughlove #tantra #thailand #dharma #ayurveda #meditation #depletion #burnout #tbt

My latest interview with @adamnicholsonnyc #tantra #gay #men #tantrasex #pain #struggle #lgbtq link in my bio or here: http://bit.ly/38cyfwi

"הטנטרה מתחילה איכן שהיוגה מסתיימת"
זה היה אחד המשפטים ששמעתי בתחילתו של קורס "עיסוי טנטרי" של @buddhi.dana הנפלא, אותו סיימתי השבוע.
שאלתי את עצמי הרבה מה זה אומר. האם היוגה אכן מסתיימת מתישהו, ואיך בדיוק הטנטרה מתחילה ואיך זה מתחבר לחיים שלי היום.
אז רק להגיד שאתמול הסתיים לו קורס נפלא, מרתק, עמוק ומלמד מאוד של עיסוי טנטרי. מעבר לידע הרב שקיבלתי על טקסים, מדיטציות, נשימה, מגע וריפוי, היתה לי חוויה מדהימה של התמסרות והרפיה אל הלא נודע.
בשבועות הקרובים אני בסטג' ומסיימת את כל החניכות של הקורס, וממש בקרוב מתחילה לקבל לסשנים של עיסוי טנטרי בקליניקה בפרדס חנה ובקליניקה במרכז הארץ.

ושוב אני חוזרת למשפט על הסוף ועל ההתחלה ומסתכלת על עצמי ועל הדרך שהובילה אותי להעמיק בעולם הטנטרה. להסתכל על הגוף שלנו בשלמותו עם כל החלקים שבו כולל אברי ה Mין. ללמוד כי הגוף הפיזי, הרגשי והאנרגטי שלנו קשורים אחד לשני, וכי אין חלק אחד בגוף שזקוק יותר או פחות לתשומת לב ולמגע.
לחבר את תשומת הלב שלי פנימה אל הגוף, אל התחושות ואל הנשימה שלי. לחבר את מי שבא אלי לעיסוי אל הגוף שלו, אל התחושות ואל הנשימה שלו. לסנכרן בין הנשימות שלנו וליצור ריפוי באמצעות מגע כפות הידיים שלי, השלוחות של הלב, באמצעות תקשורת כנה ופתוחה והמון אהבה.

יש לי עוד המון מה לכתוב על החיבור בין היוגה לטנטרה, ועל זה שבעצם היוגה לא באמת מסתיימת, אלא נפתח עוד חלון בתודעה להתבונן על החיים.
וזאת הטנטרה. ההכרה בכך שהכל הוא שלם והכל הוא קדוש. להכל יש משמעות וגם הכל חסר משמעות. כמו כל האברים בגופינו. כולם קדושים ואוגרים בתוכם זכרונות הרוצים להשתחרר, וכולם זקוקים לתשומת לב, למגע ולאהבה.

בתמונה אני חוקרת דמו של יוני (איבר ה Mין הנשי בסנסקריט). #רקאהבה #love #tantra #tantramassage #yoni #sacred

Your passion leaves marks

Renk deyip geçmeyelim, onların göz ardı edilemeyecek derecede doğal kuvvetlendirici güçleri var. Kullanırken önemli olan, benliklerimizin neye ihtiyacı olduğunu belirlemek ve anlamak. Bizim sorumluluğumuzda olan o ihtiyaçlar doğrultusunda benliğimizi beslemek ve kuvvetlendirmek. Ne kadar hayati derecede etkililer; Üzerimizdeki kıyafetlerin, kullandığımız objelerin, ekipmanların, bulunduğumuz mekanların renkleri, enerjimizi derinden tetikliyor. Renkleri kendi lehimize, bizi kuvvetlendirecek şekilde kısacası enerjimizi düzenleyecek biçimde kullanmamız ne muhteşem şey olur! Hem kendimiz hem de çevremiz için 😊 Kuvvetlenme ve enerji düzenleme diyorum çünkü güçlü yani düzenli bir enerji akışına sahip olduğumuzda istediklerimizi gerçekleştirme yolunda potansiyel adımlar atabiliyoruz.
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Tantra Healing Session in Belgium ❤️🇧🇪
How can I be a good Tantra Healing Master?

Oooh! I don't know and I can't answering that!

My mission is to delivery all what I have learned, self development, heal after for years had been in sexual abuse in marriage life, Transformational myself by took a mentorship program that helped me to deep down healing from the soul and than observed, released and let go.

Is that was so easy for me?

No it's doesn't!

I took 14 years long to deel with those dramatic and negativity deep in my soul, I climb up every day to see all the shiny stars and feel it like there above me and within me.

I am today forgive every single person, who abused me, in physical, in mental and in emotional sense.

I am so thankful for every each one that had abused me in the past in physical, in mental, I am so thankful for every situation that happens in my life, for me.

Because of those people, because of those situations makes me today a beautiful woman I ever have been, I am so happy to be who I am and I am so grateful for who I become.

Thank you dear one, everyone, thank you for every opportunity that comes into my life.

I love you and I will always love you, because of you, that makes my life so much in awareness, in presence and happiness in the now ❤️ I love you all ❤️

The science of mantras is so awesome. I love sharing it in the right venues/spaces. We can use mantras to focus, to channel or to center ourselves. Mantras are time tested, and may have some potent mystical effects as well.
What's your favorite mantra?

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Can someone please get me this t-shirt for Christmas? Ok, thanks. ✌🏽

“A god I am such as I show to thee. The starry heavens are my head, my trunk the sea. Earth forms my feet, mine ears the air supplies. The suns far-darting, brilliant rays, mine eyes.” - Serapis #tarot #occult #esoteric #spirituality #knowledge #philosophy #consciousness #health #mentalhealth #motivation #yoga #alchemy #hermetic #awakening #enlightenment #kundalini #healing #selflove #self #healingtools #selfcare #innerpeace #discipline #psychedelics #treeoflife #tantra

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Desvendando Tantra Tantra Yoga = Maha-Yoga pois é junção de quatro práticas Milenares de Yoga que se seguiu de linhagem Tântricas são eles: Mantra Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Estes quatro Yoga são parte do Tantra Yoga e cada um, a seu próprio modo conduz mesmo objetivo. Quando os quatro são combinados o Sadaka(praticante) escolhe aquilo de que ele precisa.

A palavra Tantra em Sânscrito significa TEXTO! *escrituras*. Os demais significados são místicos no qual tbm vale o sentido nesta palavra. Tantra é Ciência da Vida. Teorias são só teorias se não houver a prática. Maha-Yoga(Tantra Yoga) da máximo importância ao trabalho com Prana- a força Vital por meio de qual tudo que é manifesto existe.

O Tantra foi documentado entre 2.500, porém já existia a milênios.

Pois os ensinamentos não eram documentados como fizeram com algumas vertentes de Yoga, como Védico, mais isso não significa que Tantra não é tão antigo quanto escrituras de 8.000 anos.

#curiosidades #desvendandotantra #textosdeamor #escrituras #sagrado

Det behöver inte vara komplicerat. Foten måste inte upp på låret, avstånden måste inte vara exakta, knäna måste inte vara raka.
Du lever ändå. Universum hör dig i alla fall. Du är alltid den bästa versionen av dig själv som är möjlig just nu. Med just de här förutsättningarna.
Prova att sluta ögonen. Känn in din kropp. Var nyfiken på den, hur känns det just nu egentligen? Acceptera. Acceptera att det är som det är just nu.
#yoga #tantra #skog #mindfulness #livsglädje #pratyahara #naturfoto #yogini #inrefrid #tacksamhet #tack #natur #energi

While we’re peak emulsified #WilliamBlake, via the Tate...
• William Blake’s Sexual Path to Spiritual Vision •
Inner Traditions International, 2008
US Edition of
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Cada vez mais tenho a certeza disso. As mulheres são e sempre serão muito melhores que nós homens. Ultimamente muitas mulheres tem me procurado sobre a Terapia Tântrica para casais. Acho incrível a disposição delas em querer melhorar seus casamentos. Em quererem ter mais prazer, mais sexualidade, mais amor, mais afeto, mais conexão em suas relações. Não querem apenas curar, mas sim levar seus relacionamentos a um outro nível. Em contrapartida, é muito raro ver um homem procurando por isso. Sem dúvida, a cura do planeta se dará pelas mulheres. Está na hora dos homens começarem a terem essa consciência também.
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Layers in LA 🧿🍯💖🧚🏾‍♀️🌹💎 The unveiling and surrender is just getting deeper and cozier by the minute. It’s been so nice enjoying the fall rain and spending quality time with my loved ones! It’s been 3 years since I experienced a Fall!

I’ve been working on Adoring the Beloved Within Retreat and inviting some of my favorite maestras to come and share their magic. More deets to come!

I hope your heart is warm and cozy wherever you find yourself.

Love & blessings! xoxo

Photo by my love @jasminegarciabernal
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Since I was 18 I have woken up at 5:30 am to write.⁣

I wrote my first play while living in Florence, Italy, in a tiny room by candlelight when I was 19. ⁣

Over the years I wrote other scripts, all around 5:30 am, all while listening to brian eno, and while drinking maté to candlelight.⁣

This morning as I was doing the same, I felt the nearly 36 year old writer gazing into the eyes of the 19 year old one. ⁣

How did this piece of me withstand time?⁣

This practice has been the one I have never left behind. ⁣

It’s my temple.⁣

This morning I paused before the last 4 pages of my book edits - the last phase before I see a demo copy of the book- I wanted to savor these last 4 pages of edits. ⁣

(I have kept thinking I am done with this book, but then there is more!)⁣

Book writing has been more isolating than writing a feature script or short or play or web show- it’s more alone, more private, personal, raw, less stylized and therefore been terrifying.⁣

I can’t hide under fluff or frills, or crafty metaphors- not with this book. ⁣

All artifice is stripped and my heart is all that remains. ⁣

That’s my hope for this book. ⁣

My heart with fireworks that leap off the page. ⁣

An occasional sunrise of my words reflected in your eyes. ⁣

A tear smudging the page. ⁣

A choked giggle at my irreverent ideas.

One can only hope ;)

And I look forward to supporting womxn in my program next year in embarking on book proposals and writing projects and all the other ventures that will emerge from INITIATION - ⁣2 spots remain for Bright Stars.

Ps. Thank you to @nubbytwiglet for the beautiful brand refresh- for letting me call and say “I want more” from our design work together- I felt like a bit of a demanding brat, but Shauna came back w such beautiful work- that does feel so much like me almost in a way that I could laugh and hide about how obvious I am! But alas- I will claim my not so subtle loyalty to certain symbols (some are tattooed on me!).⁣

Pps. Thanksgiving was a shadowy day for collective and reflected in personal- and I didn’t write a post about tapping into this collective pain, but have shared a bit in my stories to honor and be real x

I love how this year taught me how to be in my feminine even more. 2019 threw me a whole slew of crazy challenges I wouldn’t have ever thought of, but being in my feminine allowed me to:⠀ ⠀
✨ surrender to what is⠀
✨ to let go of expectations⠀
✨ to trust in the flow ⠀
✨ and level up on the self love, care and compassion. ⠀

This year I:⠀ ⠀
⚡️ rested instead of pushing myself to the limit ⠀
⚡️ I listened to what I needed to fill my cup instead of being attached to what I should be doing ⚡️and connected to even more self love practices instead of being too damn busy.⠀

OMG I can’t tell you how much of a difference this has all made! 💃🏻⠀

I’ve been excited about sharing the things that make an impact on me so I’ve been in full creation mode of an amazing new coaching program that connects you to your feminine essence - powerful, magnetic, sexy and in your flow.⠀

If you feel like you’ve been tired all the time, cranky at the people you love, not getting the self care you want, and feel disconnected from your sexuality - I’d love to have a quick chat with you. I need 5-10 women to have real talk about what’s going on so that I can create the best program to serve women like you. I’m offering a special gift in exchange. DM me and I can share more about this opportunity. ⠀

And to end this post, I just want to remind you that you are divine love waiting to be expressed. 😉😘

to all the misfits, conscious rebels, visionaries, poets, artists, and basically anyone who is waiting to be fully 'perfect' or 'ready' before they could share their fire with the world, please *show up before you're ready* ⚡️♥️ 🌧

the world isn't looking for perfectionists. it's looking for fierce souls who are ready to share their rawness unapologetically. drop your favorite emoji if you're ready to show up! 🦁♥️

El Tantra dice, acéptate como eres y conecta con lo sagrado 🧡
Tú eres un gran misterio de muchas energías multidimensionales. Acéptalo, y muévete con cada energía con una profunda sensibilidad, con atención, con amor, con comprensión.
¡Muévete con ello! 🍃
Entonces cada deseo se convierte en un vehículo para ir más allá de él.
Cada energía se convierte en una ayuda.
Y entonces este mismo mundo es el nirvana, el mismo cuerpo es un templo, un templo santo.
A través de la aceptación te conviertes en uno, no a través de la lucha ni la resistencia. Acepta el mundo, acepta el cuerpo, acepta todo lo que es inherente a él. 🙏🏻📿

This hit my heart so deeply. Not only in understanding for my future wife, but in allowing unconditional love for my own essence as I change through this human experience. I’ve been lost for so long, seeking external change without internal change. My whole life I have suffered in pain and this year brought me the deepest pain I have ever gone through because I willingly, took a journey through all of the pain that has happened in my life. I grew up as a church going christian, and then moved away from christ because I could no longer take the pain of the doctrine of church after a youth pastor told us Jesus was coming down to burn all the gay people, which is not the Jesus or God I knew in my heart. My heart changed for the worse. I changed for the worse. I isolated myself and looked for saving in other people, in alcohol, in jobs and it led me to a 7 year period of agnostic atheism. I caused pain in many souls because of an unwillingness to observe and acnkowlege my own. One can only suffer for so long until he either, kills himself or seeks another way. This year I have changed more times than I can count. I sought so deeply and drowned in the oceans of my tears and my doubts and my pain. I got swept into the occult, new age practices that gave me a bit of understanding universal love, but I was still seeking and my beleifs were changing every week I felt like. I’m not going to say I was visited by Jesus recently but I found the seed that God planted within me to turn into my souls truth. I listened and I stopped seeking. I stopped looking to be my own God. I stopped looking to practice kindness for the sake of personal gain and I turned to a surrender to the essence that gives me breath. I have changed, deeply. I have bathed in the essence of my Father in heaven, and I have understood that the Kingdom truly lies within everything that makes me, me. I have allowed myself to change, to be purified in the highest of energies that God has created. I am transformed in love. Any person could have viewed me as confused, lost, insane and I’m sure many did and still do, but I realized without the seeking, without the changing, without the unconditonal love and grace

to get unusual results, you got to go beyond the usual way of doing things. focusing on your blooming isn’t selfishness. it’s a sacred responsibility that you owe to your existence. if you keep going back to the people, situations, patterns where your strength and energy wasn’t honored once, then you shouldn’t be surprised at the draining of your peace and joy. prioritizing the blooming would mean different things to each one of you. figure out what it demands from you and do the needful. 🦚🦁🐅

We are love.
This means our love never runs out. By loving one person, you do not then have less love to share with others. In fact it is quite the opposite. The more you love, the more you are love.
After participating in a tantric meditation yesterday I realized how taboo it is to share intimate connection with someone other than our lover. The group and partner practices we did showed me clearly how much I had internalized this conditioning. Sharing connection is normal. Sharing connection does not have to be sexual, or from a place of wanting to satisfy a desire. We are each a unique fusion of shiva and shakti energy- solar and lunar, masculine and feminine. In tantra we are balancing the feminine and masculine within ourselves, so that we can meet others from a place of love- balanced and whole.
There is no seeking of our opposite to try and fulfill us. We are already complete, ready to connect, ready to love. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Grateful today for the self love that illuminates my path, and that reminds me I am never alone.

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