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Some great moments from the sessions we’ve had over the last few years. Listening to the album right now. Feels amazing. So happy. It’s an amazing listen all the way through.

When I first heard Joe Pesci sing, I was astonished. I begged him to let me produce a record with him. He finally let me. I’m so happy his musical talent is no longer the best kept secret in town. Congrats Mr. Pesci. There’s no better record to put on right now. It feels like the perfect time. And our little duet ain’t so bad either! 😉 check it out folks. Link in bio...

Y Live Yves Saint Laurent @yslbeauty #yslbeauty #thatsy

Cheated on @bryanrandolph for this one. @sashatattooing is an amazing talent. So much fun working with you! #tattoosarefun

Sup dogs

#memories video out now. *Link in Bio*

#memories video out now. *Link in Bio*

and again and again and again and again

Yves Saint Laurent Y Live @yslbeauty #yslbeauty #thatsy

This is a collection of our memories; with family, friends, and each other over the last 35 years. Watch the full video on @applemusic and make your own 'Memories' video, using the Apple Photos app and our new song 'Memories' for a limited time #madewithmemories (link in bio)

My ❤️

This one is the nearest and dearest to my heart. And to see people connecting to it touches me in ways I cannot fully explain. Humbled. ❤️

#memories. 9.20.19

Over the last couple weeks, there have been a staggering number of environmental disasters occurring around the world. It is now more important than ever to step up and help! The President has recently proposed huge cuts in aid to disaster relief; we are making donations and asking you to help us improve the health of our planet overall! Head to the link in my bio to donate to Amazon Conservation. Support the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to help the Bahamas and Carolinas with their efforts to combat Dorian. People around the world need our help!

The young man when he lived in a van with a band.


Fuck a Thursday. I’m throwing back today. Me and @shawnbigdragontellez somewhere about to do something. And yes. Probably something awesome.

@nbcsongland is back tonight! 9pm local time.

THESE EYES.  They belong to Save the Rhino Trust Namibia trackers and Rhino Rangers - the men who risk everything, everyday to protect the last free-roaming population of black rhinos left on earth.  They’ve seen it all, and they still see HOPE in the madness. So today on World Ranger Day July 31, let’s show them we see them and help them do their job for rhinos, for us and for the future of this planet! Join me, @behatiprinsloo @savetherhinonamibia and @wildnetorg by sharing this picture and donating at the link in my bio. Let’s spread awareness using #eyeseeyou.

I’ve never done a #tbt so I thought I’d really come correct. WTF

#prezzies!!! Thanks @travisscott and @jumpman23 I’m obsessed


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