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Come on @jimmykimmellive!! Let’s have some fun in Brooklyn!! ✨✨✨💥💥💥 Fire fit @ferragamo 🔥

When the photographer says “let’s get one with you looking away and laughing” 😆

Sending love, light and laughter 💜✨😂

THESE cuties tho!!!!!! 💥💥 #ShowMeLove @norah_yarah_rosa

Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to fix everything? What if we just let things be as they are? Maybe everything doesn’t have to be tied up in a little pretty package 🎁
A few 💎’s from me and my sis @Jadapinkettsmith. What do you think?

My beautiful boy!

Thank you for teaching me how to be
More imaginative
More tender
More understanding
Less opinionated
More open
More gentle
More considerate
Less in a rush
More contemplative
More aware
More intelligent
To help teach you truth
More fun
More silly
More clear
More awake
More myself so you can be more of who you are meant to be

I’m so proud of you! I hope you never stop being everything you are and becoming more of who you are meant to be

I’m honored to be yours
Happy birthday
Forever more

It’s not always easy
It’s not always hard
But it’s always gotta be tender
Tender love.
And thoughtful
Some of what I’ve learned so far
Cheers🥂2 tender 💜

Feelin’ mean in my green on my gangsta lean 🤣🤣✅🐍🦖🌵🌿🎍🍐🥝🥑🥦 (Ok, ok that’s enough) How are you feelin’ today?? 😘😘😘

Read this article from @dazed that talked about love. Young love. And couples challenging the norm of just because you’re young you have to play around with multiple people instead of deciding to actually take the time to know someone and be present in love.

The picture of this couple felt so deep to me... I simultaneously see the fear and the knowing, the confidence and the insecurity.

In so many ways, maybe that’s love? The dichotomy, the cycling thru drastically different emotions and trusting it (and yourself) enough to try.... What are your thoughts about love? #showmelove

🤣🤣🤣 Love this !! 😍😍😍 Me and @onward_cookie vibinnnnnnnn
Song playing : “Show Me Love”

“Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.” ✌🏽💜🎵 🌎~ @jimihendrix

Global Citizen Festival - Central Park, New York

In my zone✨✨✨

Getting ready for tonight!! 💪🏽 💪🏽 💪🏽 ➡️ Post workout death!

NY State of Mind

A little love knowledge we’ve learned!! What do you think about this?? Behind the scenes at the “Show Me Love” visual we got to talking about love; being vulnerable, being real and finding creative ways to express your 💜💜💜. Tell me what you know and how you feel. Check my YouTube page to dive deeper with me.

And it continues..... 🥰🥰🥰

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