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UN Ambassador🍃
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Guys, I’m an old wise owl !!🦉New @ohoneydiary episode will give you insight into the great mind of my friend @edmylett . Love this man! Listen to @sommerray and my #ohoneypodcast wherever you...well, listen to podcasts 😍😍

Selling this bath water!!!! —- i kidddd i kiddddd. But this - Sweet - N - Salty #cernycalendar2020 is indeed coming soon ! Putting so much time and energy into this one and working with incredible photographers with some hot and valuable messaging. Can’t wait to share more !

Miami, Florida

Sweet dreams 💋🔥

Epcot - Walt Disney World

I just want to ride rides and eat veggie corn dogs !

Always fun until ... it happens to you😒 @kingbach

Palm Beach, Florida

If you’re feeling ugly today, just know that the “beauty” you’re comparing yourself to online isn’t real. It’s makeup, filters and photoshop. Strip it all down and we all have dark circles or freckles or fine lines and blemishes... That’s what’s real. You’re beautiful babe 💯❤️💋

Летучий Голландец / «Flying Dutchman»

Who’s your favorite mermaid ?

Saint Petersburg

Привет ! Im backkkk ! Ah love this city so much !!!

Creating my own summer ad before I head out to Russia.

Miami, Florida

Omg I’m back on vi.... I mean tiktok.. 🥴😂😂😂 @samanthacerny @livinthebean

Guess what caused this ...😂😂😂

#happyinternationalpodcastday !!! 🤷🏻‍♀️🎉 Im on @lewishowes new #schoolofgreatness episode! Listen and love ! Xox 🔗 in bio 🌻

Miami, Florida

Just pretend it never happened ...😳 (Remind you of someone?)

A day of design

I love you all. You are talented. You are loyal. You are unique. You are going to do great things in this world. You are so loved!!!!! #teamcerny

We love you sweetie ! Be good today🧐 Vegan Pizza money is on the counter - Xo mom and dad

Palm Beach County Park Airport

Amelia Earharting!

Just a few beaches

@drphil episode # 3000 airing today 🎉 Giving him some advice on today’s episode 😂😂❤️A man who is hardworking, walks the talk, full of compassion and has all of my love and respect! Congrats @drphil and @robin_mcgraw ! 3,000 episodes ... wow...That equates to over 125 days of nonstop filming ... 3,000 hours of influencing and encouraging people towards positive action while supplementing them with the tools to improve their lives. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the family ! Onwards and upwards!!!💫

Miami Beach

Wear them anywhere! 🔗 in bio💞To shop @sofiavergara and my brand new, limited time collection for @joineby ! These prints are designed by myself and inspired by the silk weaver I met during my magical trip to India! Affordable & seamless undies to your door while empowering women through microfinance. So happy to announce that 10% of EBY’s new sales from our collection will provide small loans to women to start their own businesses. All shapes, sizes and styles ! Go get yours now and dm me a thank you later because These panties are truly MAGICAL in every way! #sponsoredbyeby

Plastic pollution is killing Mother Earth. Climate change is real. I am a mermaid. 3 out of 3 statements are true.♻️🌎 #climateweek @jeromejarre

Find a guy that straightens your crown... I mean hair. Fixes your hair! Find one that does that🤷🏻‍♀️

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