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Had so much fun hosting and celebrating my best friend @samanthadroke baby shower this past weekend. Thanks @jenkellytisdale for the help! I can’t wait to meet this baby 👶🏼

It’s written in the stars.

Saging every damn space I walk into 👑

First live audience taping last night for #CarolsSecondAct. It felt so great to be in front of a audience again especially with this amazing cast.

Thinking about what to Postmate for lunch... 🤔

Trying to keep my chill after @ziggystardustfrench eats my new slippers.

“I been dreamin' wide awake every night and day about you, baby”

Get ready to have some fun with us because we’re having a blast! #carolssecondact @cbstv COMING September 26th!! 📸: @sophyholland

Be aware of the energy you bring into this space.

Every woman needs a linen power suit.

LA summers feed my soul.

When I take @ziggystardustfrench outside to pee..... potty training is going really well 🙄

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