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Watch and Listen to “Single Again” & “Overtime” in link below.

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Detroit, Michigan

It was a GOOD ass day!!! 🌹

Went and threw the most legendary Block Party! Free hair braiding n cuts, rides, food, etc. but what’s fire is we introduced kids/grown folk to self healing, coding, music/engineering lighting programs, yoga, and more. right in my old neighborhood where they never get anything like this n need the inspiration n our guidance the most. All King’s n Queens 👑. It’s our 2nd year doing it and I intend to do it every year til I die and even after that. Mental health panel tomorrow

Love to my dawg @asapferg #Floorseats. More wit da mob soon 🤞🏾🌎

Always gon find time for Hawaii... or whatever I had said

This is so important! absolutely free! Free food, free music, free haircuts/hair braiding, free carnival rides, free love! Come to my free block party and bring ya family, ya people, whoever and have a good time in the city!

This Sunday our self help panel discussing mental health n how to deal with things they don’t teach us in school.

can we? 🌎🖤🤞🏾🚀

Rockefeller Center

We on @jimmyfallon tonight 🤞🏾🖤🌎🚀

Anaheim/LA! I’m at Real Street Festival this Sunday. Pull up! @real923la

I look better than what I been thru! #ReadySet @kashdoll

Stay Hungry, Stay Patient... @kashdoll we got another one, Detroit 🙏🏾 Ready Set video out now!

New Merch out now for 72hrs, link in bio! I used to wake up and check my phone...now I wake up and smell the roses! 🌹🌹🌹

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