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New York > swipe for travel > Chicago

wow the days have been extra long this holiday season. favorite part is getting home, putting on my cozy sweatshirt— then taking my makeup off and washing with @candcbycleanandclear Chill Out. catch me curled over my laptop by the fireplace for the rest of these cold nights @UltaBeauty #EveryDayICandC #ad

accidentally smiled bc I’m on a date with my #crush

cozy season colors 🍁🧶🎁 — wearing L’Oreal Signature Colored Ink the other evening, in the shade Empower. my perfect day-to-night lip ✨ #lorealparispartner

so proud to be part of this film 🖤 🧶 At Sundance we ride

gee cute #moty2019

Last night was L’Oreal’s 14th annual Women Of Worth, a movement focused on highlighting women who’ve turned their fire into world-changing causes. We got to hear their stories, celebrate their successes and help further their missions. 💫 I wish I could share the magic in that room with you guys. I’m serious, I’ve never been in a place so saturated with power, sisterhood and actionable inspiration. Honestly L’Oreal is consistently challenging standard approaches to beauty, and by celebrating and supporting the incredible work these founders do, they’re shining a very powerful light on the true meaning of beauty, in all the forms it can take. I feel lucky to be in the league and wildly inspired by so many of the queens of this community— we don’t deserve you. But I want to. Ali Goldstein said that they “are well on our way to our mission of building a world that is worthy of women.” It feels safe to get encouraged for the future ✨

thinking about my trip to Paris with my @lorealmakeup fam 💫 still feels like a dream

a pretty quiet 8 seconds in the ladies room for us both

scroll for a wholesome autumnal victory!!!

Tights For Pants all fall. stay in bed all winter 💫 a lil houndstooth #legfie for you guys, c/o @calzedonia and their cute prints also if you’re black friday shopping, I got you on these cuties ✨I’ll put a sweet lil #calzedonia code in my stories

grateful for family✨

🌡 I know it’s nearly winter but have you been to the valley

we love a @candcbycleanandclear nighttime routine 🎀 cc: @ultabeauty #ad #everydayicandc

cozy is a lifestyle

got to attend a really lovely dinner party the other night with some impossibly chic women to celebrate Victoria Beckham x Professor Augustinus Bader at Violet Grey. thank you Lynda Resnick for having us at your home ✨ Cassandra, goddess, teach me everything ✨

summer ‘19 was the summer of mini-vacations: festivals across europe, tour bus movie nights, mark’s super 8, and gluing stuff to my face

they’re right what they say about fire. it works

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