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Budapest, Hungary


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdang. 😍 my big adventure in The Netherlands was the dreamiest bath 🛁🥋

Steph's Happy Dogs

happy birthday kawaii angel, sorry for all the photos I creep of you Existing Cutely in Rooms and On Bikes and At Picnics. you’re so smart and whimsical and ilysm ✨

Vienna, Austria

oida vienna is leiwand 🥰 🇦🇹🏰

Dads That Cook

running to eu/uk for a month, y’all need anything? pizza money’s on the counter

Rock Show

joshua’s been bringing me along to his gigs when I’m not working and the festivals are fun because sometimes I get to see my friends and they have great dumplings

Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival

mark hoppus on the analog content

Queen Insatiable

@insatiable came out a year ago... probably a good weekend to binge Szn 1 👑👄🔥(🔪🥀)

Fast and Furious Lovers 。

I’m not even seeking thrill anymore, she stays finding me

Sweet Layers

✂️ visited your queen (and my angel) kristin ess to watch bachelor in paradise and get a shaggy chop, but now I gotta go back to swipe this cross stitch 🔜

Secret Drop

Gearing up for the next few months of traveling and shoots, which is the dream and also super tricky on my skin. Sooo packing and prepping includes building a new skincare regimen with C&C by Clean & Clear, whose products are super easy to use and chic and keep my skin balanced. Just tryna stay on my glow. @CandCbyCleanandClear @UltaBeauty #ad #EverydayICandC


🍉 yoooo festival szn/slipdress szn/neon szn/twenty one pilots headlining everything szn 🏁

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