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Mask Man

Honestly? No, I don’t really get approached much in airports

I had Insatiable and Grey’s Anatomy’s resident megababe @alexlandi7 on my podcast, @thereyouarepod for a sweet 18 minute chat—
we discuss gratitude, hotness, stereotypes surrounding Asian American actors and masculinity, being the person you never saw on TV growing up, andddd stripping.
Also features one of @insatiable Szn2’s writers Lisa, explaining how they approached creating Alex’s character Henry — link in bio 🔊

link in bio— I had a delicious talk with @insatiable creator/showrunner @laurengussis about rainbow magic, disordered eating, secret easter eggs in the show, and how her years working on Dexter influenced Patty 🧚🏽‍♀️ @thereyouarepod link in bio!!


legend has it if you stream @insatiable Szn2 on Netflix this weekend, all this dim sum arrives at your house. I just tried it, it actually works! fwd to 3 friends.
if you ignore, you’ll be haunted by the ghost of stella rose for 20 years ):

New York

aye girl c’mon gimme a smile


If you know, you know —
@insatiable Szn2 🌹🐊🤸🏼‍♀️

There You Are

I wanted to give you guys the gift of getting to know her better.

link in bio for @kimmyshields x @thereyouarepod
My superpower is meeting people I find extraordinary and having conversations with them that make me think new thoughts — so I’m gonna keep talking with some of my favourite people. subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts ✨

Guys I started a podcast! Kicking it off for the rest of the month by inviting my Insatiable castmates and showrunner over, as well as some specialists in some of the conversations we’ve started on the show. Hit us with your questions and dream guests at @thereyouarepod and subscribe on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts ✨ http://bit.ly/thereyouarepod

Fashion Scout

*goes home to LA for twelve minutes* 👔🧥🎣🏕 for @elleusa #HollywoodRising


femme fatale a$$ queen— @insatiable now streaming on n/flix


SEASON 2 DROPPING IN MOMENTS. In case you forgot how we got to this point...

I thought we said No More Drama...! We’re in the final hours before you watch Season 2 of @insatiable. BE WARNED — we’ll meet you right where we left you so be clever and rewatch the last two episodes of Szn1, because it starts fast and goes hard 👄🐽🥀⚰️🚲🍩🤸🏼‍♀️⛓👑

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