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@nbaontnt 🙏🏾

I am truly honored to be a part of this TnT family. I’ve sat back and watched you guys for years create TV magic. I’ve watched this network give former players a voice and current players a platform. As a leader I’ve always tried to empower and uplift the next generation and this platform gives me the stage to do that. Thank you again to the Turner family for this incredible opportunity‼️ Coming January 2020 #StillDancing

Showing up to work Extra asf ✅ Some people will say were on some n**** shit ✅ Living our life our way ✅

The first of many. @richforever thanks for seeing the vision. @theeditionboutique @theeditionboutique_ceo thanks for always supporting. Were just getting started!

What a mess 🤢 😷 Remix Pack‼️ #Wow1 + Wow7




Random Dude: Ayo shordy what’s your name... Kaavia: Nah playa we good over here....

When the fog clears... who are you⁉️ Melo Made 📸 @bobbymetelus

“Put your left foot in front of your right foot and walk with me 👣”

😂 Flip Cup Champions 2019 🏆 and after we went to LIV(Aka The Elks lounge)

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