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Always & Forever @lilykershaw 📸 @patkudej

My bestest friend sister wife @britelkin was the most beautiful bride yesterday 👰🏻I love you to the 🌙 and back 🥂 congrats @billyhines 💍 here’s a picture of Brit and I to celebrate your love!! ❤️😁 📸 @kpreiss

October is upon us @bella_victoria 👻🎃

the caravan is on it’s way @kakeykake @britelkin 🚌🍓🌼

good morning queens 🌻☕️📚 our @belletrist #october pick is ...

here’s looking at you 🌸

new old school 🌸👟🐯 @cosmopolitan_es

“I am in love with words. They are doves falling out of the ceiling.” 🕊 -Anne Sexton 📸 @bernardodoral
What’s your favorite word?

What time is dinner❓❗️♥️

Alright guys 🔪 what did we think?! @ahsfx #ahs #1984 ❤️

T O N I G H T meet Brooke #ahs #1984 💛🍦 who’s watching ?

#loveinspades 👛 @katespadeny ♠️ #sponsored 💖

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