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issa evil world we live in

Somewhere in Africa

No telling where we would b if we didn’t make dem sacrifices.

I feel safe in the trenches cause I kno dey wit me. 800 tally’s 🦅

Front page of Rolling Stones...OUT THE MUD @lilbaby_1

STAY FOCUS @yungbans ONE of the most critical thing it is to be #MISUNDERSTOOD 🦅 #ALBUMOUTNOW

No better feeling like when I’m with YOU. 🦅

Kill da opps Fuck Dey sisters.


Ima hot boy I needa HOT GIRL. #FREEBG

u show up u show out wit good energy Frm coast to coast..Legendary Nights @theestallion @mustard @meekmill @yg

What’s your addiction????

Please tell me...


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