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Happy Birthday to my Uncle Bart! So glad to call you my uncle and to get to have you in my life. I’m not gonna put how old you are. You’re welcome😂❤️

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR YOU ALL: First off, I want to thank everyone for supporting the shows this month for our band, @work_in_progress_band. It means so much to all of us. I do have an important update to share with you all. Coming off of Hollywood Bowl and going right into the tour this month, my voice started hurting. I really tried my hardest to fight it off, and I was put on medication. But finally after further evaluation, I was advised by a medical profession to take a vocal rest. :( Everyone will receive a full refund for tickets purchased for the upcoming shows. We will announce new dates soon! I’m so sorry about this news, but I really want to thank each and every one of you for supporting us, and I hope to see you on the road again soon!!

The Shelter

WE'RE IN DETROIT!!!! Check us out!!! There's still some tickets left!!!

Come see us on tour @work_in_progress_band 🤪

Did you win? Check your DM’s 😉 @work_in_progress_band

Hey there! Want to win free tickets to a show on our tour closest to you? Here’s how you enter: 1. Share this post on your Story and tag @work_in_progress_band. 2. Tag three friends in the comments. 3. Follow @work_in_progress_band Winners will be picked this Thursday, August 1st. Winners are responsible for transportation to and from the show. Hope to see you there!

Only half way through and I’ve already sweat out my entire body’s worth of fluid.

This is me getting Jacked-up by Jackie!

Love my family. Into the Woods weekend @hollywoodbowl

To all those coming to Into The Woods @hollywoodbowl bring tissues.

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