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Jake Paul

texting people back 310-870-3349

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Cute ツ .

felt cute might delete later

Ibiza, Spain

love this fucking kid

Ibiza, Spain

pull up & wreck

The Mafia

dior pouch keep the blixky

Las Vegas, Nevada

7.28.19 I love you tana♥️

Van Nuys, California

if this plane crashes it’d be legendary... wish us luck... also time to get married 💵😭🦋

Topanga, California

my abercrombie submisson photos


shane dawson made this possible #engaged #inlove

Las Vegas, Nevada

till clout do us part💵 (go watch the proposal video on my channel now!!)

Calabasas, California

happy birthday bb @tanamongeau video tomorrow

Calabasas, California

proud miniature cow dad


hollywoods most evil makeup @colecarrigan

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