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Think about all the things you have to do in the day. Where does working out fit into that? When I first started my fitness journey, I would let every excuse get in my way. Too tired, not enough time, not sure what to do…didn’t feel like it… every excuse in the book to not follow through with a workout. When I started making my workouts a priority, rather than an obligation, is when I started to see my excuses melt away. I always remember how good I feel after a nice sweat. When you make fitness a priority, watch how quickly those excuses disappear. If you’re doing my Bikini Body Challenge on @Fitplan_app, how do you make your workouts your priority!?

Wait for it.....@mamaselter 😹

Summer, slow down please

One of my favorite things is taking @gramselter on a long walk in the summer. Turn on the volume and tag a better hype man 😹 Outfit: @aloyoga caramel set. ALSO, do you guys prefer these short videos over still pictures?

Having a routine, especially in the morning, can really help you have a productive day!! Here is an inside look at what my early mornings usually look like before work. Let me know in the comments if you guys want more videos like this! Also be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel - new video is being uploaded tomorrow! ( link in bio )

During my fitness journey, I learned how important it is to BELIEVE in yourself. Finding confidence to change your ways does not happen overnight, it takes time, but anyone can do it!  I learned to ignore all of the negativity and surround myself with only happiness and positivity. Begin with setting small goals for yourself and it will feel so good once you achieve them! Ladies, link in my bio to join my private FB group for all of the motivation and inspiration you need 💪

The hardest part of achieving any goal is consistency. If you aren’t putting in the work, you won’t see results, especially when it comes to fitness. As someone who struggles with keeping consistent with such a crazy travel schedule from time to time, I look to my community to hold me accountable and keep me motivated! Having a group of people around you who push and inspire you is the secret to achieving anything you set your mind to. Let’s help keep each other consistent on my Bikini Body Challenge ( Join my private Facebook group, link in bio) ❤️🌸😘

Lately I’ve been reading before bed, last night I felt inspired by the words “Eventually everything will fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and remember that everything happens for a reason “ Comment below your favorite quote.. always looking for new mottos to interpret :)

Birthday weekend 🌹🍫

Tag me in your best #Seltering pictures and I will pick 3 winners next Saturday to win some goodies 🎁

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. You truly know how to put a big smile on my face!! Feeling so blessed, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Birthday Girl!!!

Jumping into 26 like... 🌹

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