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Share this trailer with anyone you’ve attempted to explain tiny chef to and just couldn’t find the words... Reposted from @thetinychefshow

Words I needed today. Reposted from @glennondoyle The above passage is from my book, Love Warrior. Pain is often the receipt of love. It’s proof we paid the price. It’s holy, perfect, exactly right. So let’s quit grabbing away each other’s pain and instead just say: I see your pain. Thank you for trusting me enough to share it with me. I’ll sit with you in it. Love you. G #LoveWarrior #LoveWarriorBook Reposted from @glennondoyle

Uh oh. The La-Z-Boy fairy hit Dick Casablancas BIG TIME. Watched the new season of Veronica Mars all day with @hiryanhansen on this hot piece of furniture and had so much fun. Some might say too much fun. @lazboy #ad

YOU raised over 100k for @inspire.dr who is now able to pay thier rent AND expand the amazing services they offer to guide young boys into becoming wonderful men-and I MATCHED that 100k- because I will NEVER ask you to contribute to something that I am not using my own money to support as well. Thank u to this beautiful community who always proves they care. I'm so grateful. Xoxo

It’s time for another #FeaturedTeacherFriday! 📚🥰💪🏻Today’s teacher is Tej Carbone from Florida. Tej is both a teacher and a school social worker and I am so inspired by her attitude! Here’s her story: “Hi! I’m a 33 year old former licensed clinical social worker that felt the call to the classroom. I spent this past year studying and taking certification exams in order to obtain certification as an educator. I’m now certified as a school social worker, k-6 teacher and ESE. I will be teaching 2nd and 3rd grade in a small, special needs inclusion tuition-free charter school. Half of our students have documented disabilities, and a majority of our students are on free/reduced lunch. Our salaries are even less than that of our public school counterparts, yet we serve such a unique population. We have students ranging from profound intellectual disabilities all the way up to gifted, working together in the same class. This provides a unique set of challenges , but one which I am so excited to take on. As this is my first year teaching, I do not have any income with which to supply my classroom with necessities (my first check won’t come until late August), but I would love to create a calming space, with resources for ALL of my students to be successful. I will be teaching at UCP of Central Florida, Bailes campus. We are moving to a new building this year and expanding, so I’m getting a brand new classroom. This is exciting but also means I’m starting from scratch. Thank you so much for your help!” Her wishlist will be in my bio and once again- sending a massive smooch to everyone who reads this and feels inspired to help. xo! 💗🙌🏻📚

Life's a bench. 💡 #TheGoodPlace will see you on Thursday, September 26 for our final season. ❤️ Reposted from @nbcthegoodplace

My smallest baby bunny graduated her preschool class yesterday. I love u to the moon and back DBS 🌈💫🌈💫 (@leletny mama barrette)

Undeniably beautiful and undeniably sad all at once. Reposted @glennondoyle These see-saws were installed at the US/ Mexico border wall this week. Art reveals truth that politics seeks to conceal: There is no such thing as other countries’ children. Gratitude to these visionaries of love and hope: Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello Thank you @hifructosemag Reposted from @glennondoyle

I'm just gonna leave this here. ❤❤@evanrachelwood❤❤

I do not know these guys, but also they look like THE BEST GUYS. Anybody want one??? Three 💖💖💙 #A5203370 black female - #A5303368 white female - #A5303366 brown male. All 8month old unaltered. Entered as strays. Available for adoption on August 3rd. Please help by sharing, commenting and tagging. Available at the @palmdaleanimalslaco Shelter Phone (661)575-2888 please call shelter direct for info or updates. #adoptlove Reposted from @rita_earl_blackwell

Ever feel like this? Me too. Often. It's okay to not feel ok. We'll get through it together. Love you bbs. @warnerbrostv #WBSDCC

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