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shake it up 🎄
Swipe for our bloopers 😂

Thanks for the AMAZING meet & greet in Milan and Cologne!
It was so great talking to you all and spending so much time together!💛🙌🏽
Swipe to see some pictures of the day.

Happy Saint Nicholas day!!
Crazy just 18 days left till Christmas🙌🏽🎅🎄

Just landed in Milan, excited for the meet & greet, see u soon 💙

Swipe 🔜yesterday’s challenge number 3: eat your dinner without your hands 😂

About yesterday 🤸🏼‍♀️

Quality time with friends:)
Do you like coffee?

some friends and I have a advents calendar with different challenges everyday and today we had the #straightarmchallenge 😂 as u can see I was pretty tired 🥴

Typical conversation with“know-it-all’s“ haha. 😂🍊

Die Schuhe sind draußen!!
Ihr könnt sie euch jetzt kaufen!!
The Shoes are out now!!
YOU CAN BUY THEM NOW!! We had an amazing release party yesterday!
BIG THANK YOU to @buffaloshoes for making this all happen, such a great and kind team, it’s fun working with you!!
Thank you to everyone who joined the release party yesterday!! 🥳♥️ Be yourself
#notliked #werbung

Happiness is, annoying your sister 👌🏼

@buffaloshoes x @j1mo71

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