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We shot a new episode of xLL and visited the biggest animal shelter in Europe today!
We’re so happy that we could help out and learned a lot... stay tuned!! #xll

Heyy heyy
Am Mittwoch läuft im ARD um 20:15Uhr der Film “Was wir wussten - Risiko Pille”.
Wir freuen uns so sehr, dass wir in diesem Film mitspielen durften!
❗️Wir empfehlen euch diesen Film sehr, nicht weil wir dort mitspielen, sondern weil’s hier um ein sehr wichtiges Thema geht❗️
Swiped um den Trailer zu sehen!🙌🏽🙌🏽 - Mittwoch - 20:15Uhr - ARD-

If you’re moody shake your booty.

the season that teaches us,
that change,
can be beautiful 🍁

Fall vibes 🍂

Happy fall y’all 🍂

Throwback to @musicandmessage
How was your day so far?
As you can see in the second picture I was pretty excited and nervous at the same time for Lisa, cause she hosted a show by herself for the first time... and I didn’t want her to mess it up haha

This girl turned 20 today!

@xt.just.ix you know what that means?
You’re not Teenager anymore, wow you’re arise lol.
Let us tell you something about tayra, she’s the calmest of us 4 siblings, she has always been.
Oh and she has always been the arbiters of Lena and me haha thanks for that!

Love to our Pocahontas 👩🏽♥️

boom shakalaka

Hey hope you’re having a great sunday!!! Time for the next episode of SNOOZE!!
2PM on our channel!!
We had a great time with @christophermusiccom
Such a cool guy and such a inspiring talk!

Are you focusing on your Instagram likes? Does it matter for you, how many likes you’re getting? #xll

Link in bio

Such a beautiful country, you know what makes the country beautiful?
The people!
The people there are soooo kind, as we said the hospitality there is just amazing and inspiring!

A huge THANK YOU to @gaingermany for giving us the opportunity to get to know this country with @goodweatherforecast 🙌🏽
It‘s a trip we will never forget!
We‘ve learned so many things for our life and are so inspired!
Sometimes little things are more powerful then the big ones!

The last week we met a lot of family’s which are living in bad living conditions, most of them are living in a container, sometimes it’s not even their own one and they can get kicked out at any time.
Through the help of @gaingermany they have the opportunity to move from a container into a house or get support, hope and a lot more... What can you do?

You can do sponsorships!
If you‘re interested in which one, you can go on the website of @gaingermany
ցտեսություն Հայաստան


In a world of algorithms, hashtags and followers, know the true importance of human connection ♡

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