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Liza Koshy

God 1st.
Little brown girl with big dreams.
❗️👇🏽MY APOLOGY VIDEO👇🏽❗️I'm sorry.

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couch potatoes can get hot too

just got my 17th grade yearbook pics

Bronx, New York

remember barney? this is her now

i don't want to say i'm @ryanseacrest's inspiration/role model/personal-influencer... but he did get forehead curtains because of me

got me some forehead curtains

writing thank you cards to the 73 million of you who have watched episode 1, of season 2, of us 3, in our show, Liza on Demand • thank you to the real wizards behind the curtain who made every episode absolute magic. the view-count is crazy, but what's crazier is the amount of love, purpose, joy, levity and community that @lizaondemand has brought me, our cast, our crew... and a little corner of the world too. and to those watching, thank you for staying tuned. life has been a metaphorical and emotional rollercoaster, and you keep riding with me. i owe you many lengthy, overly-emotional captions. but i hope this one, along with our personal thank you cards arriving soon, will do for now. ❤️

deleted scene from @lizaondemand

New York

stop looking at my D

Rome, Italy

double shot never looked so hot

Rome, Italy

been spreading my cheeks lately... the ones on my face. the ones on my back porch know each other well. they're real tight. practically inseparable. only mozzarella can come between them.. but when in rome, i gotta cut the cheese.

Florence, Italy

thank you, mommy. for using your ovary oven to make yourself some friends.

Vatican City, Rome, Italy

when laughing for an IG photo results in completely losing your sh!t (swipe right)

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