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when people find out im not a douche in real life

what a fucking night. congrats to the champ @ksi, blessed to share the ring with you & punch each other in the face for entertainment... let’s do it again sometime 😜

Tonight my life begins

199.4 pounds of America 🇺🇸
📱Download @DAZN_USA to watch the fight tomorrow night 💻

who gets this mad over math

my coaches forbid me from having sex before my fight. they said i need to “build my batch.” What’s a batch?
Put quite simply, pent up ejaculate: my octane, if you will. Enough to sink a battleship. My friends know the power of my will, but they also know the power of my willy, so they supported me and kicked all the witches out.
My legs are strong and my balls is heavy. im ready for war this Saturday. Download the @DAZN_usa App & watch me yoss this mans 🥊

surprise mothafucka

6 days until the purge... See you at the Staples Center, fight tickets in bio 😘
@dazn_usa @matchroomboxing

Literal blood, sweat, and tears were put into this film. Our official Boxing Documentary is out NOW.
🥊 Link In Bio 🥊

+ a beard and a little controversy

November 2

i haven’t told y’all this yet but im actually a super saiyan 🤫

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