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Michael Crackson 😂 #nowthatsludicrous

Me as Dad Everyday 😂 #nowthatsludicrous

😂😂😂😂😂 And I don’t even Watch TV like that. But we ALL have those 1 or 2 shows. Whats your binge watching show? #nowthatsludicrous

#nowthatsludicrous 😂😂😂

Year 14 of giving back to my city!!!!! Let’s go!!!! #ludadayweekend2019

London, United Kingdom

Early Morning VFX Scanning For Fast 9. High Resolution 3D Digital facial capturing that Makes a Clone of Tej For Visual Effects. Basically Expensive Shit. 💰

Jameson Tour And Whisky Tasting

Don’t mind me, just drinking aged Irish Whiskey 🥃 out of oak barrels in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪 #bucketlist #jamesondistillery

Dublin, Ireland

Special Message To All My People from Detroit, Michigan. 🙏🏽 Universal Love 🇮🇪

get your tickets @ Ludadayweekend.com #ludadayweekend2019

One of them nights! Me & my spirit animal @mrodofficial #fast92020

Real Rap Luda vs Papa Doc. Who You Got? 💪🏽 #blackactors #sticktogether

How I’m about to Embarrass @karma.christine today on her Bday #nowthatsludicrous

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