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learnt that in 2nd grade ft. @cassblackbird

cozy cuddles for fall? i think yes 🏹☁️

beautiful london town ☁️🏹

These @theofficialpandora #PandoraMe charms are just so...CHARMING!! They represent some of the things I love like 🌙 🎵 🌈 💜🌵. What charms symbolize your stories and memories? #PandoraXMillieBobbyBrown #PandoraPartner

Fill in the blank: Every girl needs ______________ to pursue her dreams. I’ll go first: empathy. I’m SO inspired by every single girl around the world combatting child marriage, stereotypes, inequality, violence, climate change, menstruation stigma, and more. Girls are unscripted, unstoppable - girls are a force - and we can’t stop, won’t stop. This #DayoftheGirl, join me and @UNICEF to continue breaking the barriers girls face around the world and let girls lead. Tell me, how are YOU unscripted and unstoppable? Share your story.

As part of   #TeamGalaxy, today I want to make social media a better place by sending messages of positivity - and I want you to pass on the good vibes too. Use the #SpreadTheLove💜
and tag me too. I can’t wait to see what you share! #SamsungPartner

Chicago, Illinois

stranger con chicago got me sooo happy 🏹🌨 thank you sm for coming out !!

ty chi-town

thinking about you

#PandoraMe launches globally today and now you can customize your @theofficialpandora look based on what you love and what makes you, you!  2 of my favorite charms that have special meaning to me:

The MOON charm (because the first blue moon in 2004 was on Feb 19 which is the day I was born!) and the GIRL SIGN charm (because we are strong, powerful and beautiful human beings). Can’t wait to see how you customize yours!! #PandoraXMillieBobbyBrown   #PandoraPartner

im so glad u were born... happy birthday schnipper ♡

I am so proud to announce this limited-edition love liv eyeshadow palette from @florencebymills inspired by my friend Olivia LoRusso, proceeds from this palette will support the @oliviahope.foundation and their fight to end childhood cancers. this is a project so close to my heart and i am so proud to share it with you guys! it will be available October 7 on florencebymills.com🎗💛

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