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enola holmes crew 🖤

orange is the new black xx

daddy daughter date 🖤☁️

🐸 I cant hahahah

here is a series of fitting pictures and a special thanks to @tcarterphillips for dressing me while i was sleeping ily 🖤 featuring - 2 of my favorite pimples ever... shirley and curly

was a cotton candy kinda night 💓

i love you enola #enolaholmes

and the color is... purple 💜 i luv u guys!!! Song by @patawawa

to the woman who shaved all my hair off and always make me smile. i love u sm and thanks for being the bestest friend. from the first day I met you, i immediately fell in love with your talent, kindness, and love that u always share on our set and of course the best mom to our dog... ily sarahhhhhh *Danish accent* ❤

lazy night ✨☁️👼

personal - featuring eleven and will byers - song and choreography @hrvy and @loren 😻

So excited to reveal my next project to you guys soon! What do you think it's going to be?

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