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Odell Beckham Jr

I am who I am.

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How can I show u who I am when I’m not what u perceive me to be.

Shot my shot n I ain’t missed yet....

Never washed.... but im not new.

Stockholm, Sweden

It’s time for y’all to stop watchin me so close.... @danielwellington

Lesssgooo... #gameday

It’s on us today champ!!! OMS @juice_landry

Are u Not entertained??? Is this not why ur here!!? 🤘🏾😤

Haters will say it’s photoshopped 😂

When u get off the school bus and the neighborhood dog get to chasin u...🏃🏾‍♂️💨 😭

“Life ain’t sweet ain’t no lay ups, drip for sale, they gotta pay us...”

“Playin wit my name they gon turn me to the old me....”

“Im in it for the glory, not the honorable mentions...”

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