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ALOT TO BE THANKFUL FOR ON THIS DAY .... I just wanna thank god we don’t look like this no moooore happy bday blooody @juice_landry #ITSgoindowntodayy

804 dayssss!!! @juice_landry

Ain’t 🤬 changedddd.... @juice_landry

“How I loookk...?” 😂😂 #duntdunnadun

MOOD. @juice_landry

Just wanted u to kno Biebs we weren’t as close as this picture seems😭 #danielwellington @haileybieber @danielwellington

Neeeed me some 🤬🤬 wit some bop initttt.... Love you Boyyyy! @juice_landry @juice_landry

All that slick dissing like ya @ button missin... Love em from a distance... ✋🏾😲🤭

..... they will NOT prosper ✊🏾




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