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You wanted more - well here you go! The #Tables extended cut is here!!! Now with reviews and new scenes of table smashing goodness you never knew you were craving until now! Featuring @testifydvon @realpaigewwe @travisbrownemma @juliadmars myself and more! Don’t miss the phenomenon, arm yourself, and check the link in my bio!!

#SummerSlam will always have a special place in our Rowdy Harts! Kick ass @natbynature!! It’s your time to shine, blind them bitches with your brilliance! 🥋❤️

My mom @annmaria7gen found this old picture of me - this basically sums up the next 30 years to come - me naked and crying on the floor 😂 #imstrugglinghere

The uprising cannot be swept under the table ... the tables have turned... and they’re everywhere!!! Prepare yourself and check the link in my bio to know our enemy!!!

When the tables turn, it takes a team of real badasses to take on those big wooden bastards 😎 and a team of dedicated nerds at #NoDNBproductions to make equally badass posters🤓 @rondarouseydotcom Check the link in my bio for the full trailer!!

The Tables Have Turned! Check the link in my bio to see what happens when you break so many tables, they come back to break you .... Starring myself @testifydvon @travisbrownemma @realpaigewwe @juliadmars and more! Don’t miss the #NoDNBproductions film debut #Tables

Check think in my bio to game with me and @xavierwoodsphd in the newest @upupdwndwn !!!!

Today is a great day to come on a #goatwalk with me and @realpaigewwe AKA Saraya Bevis! We talk about the line between character and identity, fuchsia vomit, setting beauty standards, and of course - goats! Link in bio ⛓


@travisbrownemma nothing is better than doin life with you, thanks for stickin around for another year, you make my dreams come true every day!!! • Happy Birthday Sexy Butt 😘❤️🎂

Here it is! Our first ever @rondarouseydotcom Goat Walk interview with @testifydvon - The man behind the character is so much more complex and multifaceted than you ever would have guessed. Come on a walk with us for some stories, advice, philosophy, and of course - goats!!! Check the link in my bio and come on a #GoatWalk with us!!

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