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Little mermaid vibes.

Thank you @david.regone for this live sketch of me the night of the premiere! #wheredyougobernadette is out today in theatres!!!! Are you going to see @bernadettefilm ?!??

Coven Love.

🏙 photo by @davestanwell

New York, New York

Magic details for @bernadettefilm premiere. Elegance/hair & 📷 @davestanwell Beautiful Minimal MU @minminmadotcom epic styling @annabelleharron Dream dress @jasonwu earrings @anakhouri

New York, New York

LEWK the second. Styling @annabelleharron Hair & 📷 @davestanwell Makeup @minminmadotcom Dress, shoes: @mulberryengland

New York, New York

1st lewk: styling by @annabelleharron Hair and 📷 @davestanwell Make up @minminmadotcom Jumpsuit @redvalentino Belt @tibi Shoes @sophiawebster

New York, New York

I wish this could have lasted longer, but that’s exactly what made it so special. Music @agnesobelofficial

New York, New York

No filter.

Stylin by @annabelleharron

#worldbreastfeedingweek I would never have thought something so simple would be so complicated. My milk came in immediately (so lucky!) my daughter has always eaten well (little bit of reflux but all good) and breastfeeding her was never painful or frustrating (SO RARE) but the mastitis🥴, waking up in the middle of the night to pump😴, pulling off on the freeway to pump, or hiding in dark corners of houses while pumping or else I can’t sleep it’s SO PAINFUL🥵 (I’ve included the most glamorous I’ve ever looked while feeling like an effing cow) having to be conscious of everything I put or do not put in my body (it’s been almost two years if you count pregnancy) and that means alcohol, medication, even melatonin! I can’t even join in all of this cool CBD stuff that’s happening.But... no matter how much I HATE pumping or how complicated MY relationship with food is, it has been a joy, an honor and a no brainer to feed my daughter this way. 🙌🏽 My body has made it easy for us and i have loved every moment i get to spend this kind of time with her. Not every mother gets that. I don’t know if I will have it for much longer, but I will always take care of her and do what is best for us. (Once again f*ck pumping. Love you forever babay girl)


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